Our Story

Our mission is to transform ordinary objects into objects that provide joy - starting with boring black laptop bags.

We hope to inspire women to surround themselves with things they love that are feminine, beautiful and give them joy -- especially while working, going to school or on the go.  

The world doesn’t need another black bag. 

We believe your laptop bag should be beautiful and versatile, so we developed laptop bags with replaceable prints.  You can easily change the print when the season changes or you just feel like you want a new look.  No need for a new bag, just change the print.

For launch, our prints focus on nature. We've chosen real photographs of gorgeous natural beauty for our printed panels. Each print is a real image of brilliantly colored feathers, pops of color on a butterfly's wing, an X-ray of Freesias and more! The prints bring the beauty and joy of nature into your everyday. The colorful, striking prints instantly set the bags— and the women carrying them— apart. Choose the print that gives you joy!  

We plan to produce new prints every season and we are exploring dozens of different themes for the prints. We are also working on special edition prints to help support charities we believe in that help give back to women. 

We've paid close attention to design and functionality.  All our bags are designed by women, for women. We spent over two years testing fabrics and prototypes.  We've scrutinized every detail to make it just right.

What was the motivation?

GraceTech got started because one of the founders, Erika, couldn't find a laptop bag she loved. After years in business, she heard similar complaints from her co-workers and friends. They all agreed: A functional, yet beautiful laptop bag didn’t exist. And one that was stylish or fashionable was merely a dream.

The nagging question was, "why do women have to settle when it comes to their work bag?” After trying over a dozen bags of every type– leather bags which are heavy even when empty, lighter bags, but they don’t last long, Erika vowed, one day she would turn her creative passion to creating a laptop bag that would delight women and make them smile. 

The right time turned out to be while on a break between full-time positions. “If not now, when?” Erika said. She rolled up her sleeves and began to create everything she wanted in a work bag. She used every bag in her and friends’ closets as inspiration; those pockets, this handle, that zipper. She obsessed about pefecting every detail to make the bag functional and versatile. Ater years of carrying bags that disappointed, Erika had a list of must-haves. Foremost, it would need to be high quality to stand up to the daily grind. The bag had to be soft to the touch, yet strong to last, and practical with well placed pockets.

To be sure we were on the right track with the bags, throughout the development process we shared the prototypes with different types of working women.  Reaction to the laptop bags and their removable shells has been overwhelming positive.   

The name and logo.

The brand, “GraceTech,” marries the beauty and creativity of design with technology. Represented by a soaring swallow, the logo enhances the look of our laptop bags. It is both delicate and strong which is the essence of femininity. Traditionally, a swallow also represents love, caring and affection towards family and friends.

GraceTech is a woman-owned small business located in San Francisco.